Month: July 2016

  How do you feel when you look at your smile in the mirror? Do you love it? Or do you notice flaws, such as chips, excessive wear, or gaps? You may be surprised to learn minor cosmetic flaws in your smile can be corrected without expensive, painful, or invasive treatments! Dental bonding is a conservative, efficient, […]

Did you know Botox® could improve your smile? Our dental hygienist Tiffany discusses how Botox® has improved her smile with the help of Dr. LeCuyer or Dr. Amato: Given my job title, it’s no secret – I like smiles. Just as I promote a perfect smile for my patients, perfection is the same standard I hold for my own smile. Unfortunately, I never felt as if my […]

Seattle dental patients is it time to have your wisdom teeth removed? As summer arrives, wisdom teeth are always in the back of the minds of parents and high school kids alike. It can be a rite of passage for teenagers, similar to braces. Most common questions: When should I have my wisdom teeth extracted? Will it […]